Saturday, December 24, 2011

May They Rest in Peace!

 It's winter.  We put the boat projects to bed for the winter.  Of course Belle is on the right.  On the left with the motor running barrel is "D-2."
I know, don't ask. It's a long story--the way the Boston Whaler got that name.  If you know our friend Addison, ask him:)

But wait, there is one more task before we close up for the winter. 

Last trip in for the year.

The batteries.  They are very expensive and have to be protected and floated for the winter
Here you see the batteries mounted under the cockpit sole.  I'm here to remove them and bring them in the house for the winter.  Karen was a big help fetching tools and helping me remember where I put tools.  I handed the batteries down to her.  They are very, very heavy!
 Pussifer is up helping out.  He loves being on the boat and knows every nook and cranny of the bilge and lockers

Each battery was conditioned with the multistage Battery Tender.  After all three have been conditioned and charged, we built a harness and put them on float management for the winter.  The heat sensor assures tender loving care and a long life for these top of the line batteries. Another benefit of having 300 Ah of supply is that the ham radio station could run for days off them without recharge.