Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tridarka is for sale

It is with a heavy heart that I announce Tridarka Raider is for sale.
Seems like whenever a boat gets to a perfect groove, then comes the need to sell.
The reason for selling is that we have taken on yet another boat project.  This time it's a live-aboard gunk-holing cruiser.  I can't keep up this many boats.  It's time to say goodbye.
Tridarka is Matt Layden designed trimaran built by Steve Isaac (Chief of Everglades Challenge note).  I completely refinished her with days and weeks of fairing and sanding, a very nice deck, inboard sheeting and an improved steering system.  She is finished with multiple layers of Interlux 2000/2001, multiple layers of Epoxy prime coat and many layers of Interlux Brightside polyurethane.  She has Micron 33 antifouling  sprayed on as well up to the waterline.  All paint coats were sprayed on and carefully sanded so that her finish is very gratifying.
She is a fast and fun trimaran sailing craft the yields 1 knot of boat speed per knot of wind speed up to about 12 knots.  She comes with a nice Magic Tilt trailer and a like new Honda 2 hp long shaft. Her sails are in great shape and are made by Doyle.  She goes to windward extra well with her Ida Sailor custom made (of solid mahogany) leeboard.  She comes with one claw anchor with chain and 100 feet of 3/8 inch nylon.  A fire extinguisher is mounted on board for safety. She has a well stayed carbon fiber mast. She is built of Okoume BS1088 plywood, epoxy carbon and Kevlar.  She has a very clever and massively built AKA system of custom welded aluminum. The boat is located at my house in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
I am offering her for $5000.00
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