Monday, August 27, 2012

Ok, what does this picture have to do with the boatyard and sailing?  Well, not much.  I just had to show off my new mower.  The old one was 20 years old and finally went kaput. I decided that as I get older I need something I can use to get this acre and one half of lawn done, and done quickly.  I don't need to wrestle a monster every time I mow.
I took delivery today.  The delivery crew quipped "now that's a mower."  My reply, "you mean like Crocodile Dundee, Now That's A Knife"
"Yes, that's it, they responded"

Yes, I am like Tim The Tool Man Taylor.  I like big, powerful toys.

I'm learning how to drive it in this picture.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here's some pictures of the PB project

Here's the new casting platform for the 12 foot Porta-bote.  Notice a swivel seat, which is easily removed for open deck casting with a fly rod.  A snorkeling and diving ladder which is also easily removed.  The 30 pound thrust Minnkota on the trolling mount. There is an anchor fitting and quick release built in.  There are to rod holders.  Quite and impressive package for a 12 foot boat.

Meanwhile the transom boards wait for refinishing until I get a day off.  I can't wait to do a picture layout on the water with the PB in action.  I'll be back on the job next Wednesday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's up in the boat yard?

Just a quick summery (from work, no pictures) of what I'm doing these days.
The projects have spread a little.  Imagine that in this yard.  Now I am rebuilding the two transom boards for the 12 foot Porta-Bote and setting it up for a portable fishing boat.  I want to have a boat even when I am pulling the travel trailer.  Also, I think the tricked out PB will make a great small lake fisherman for lakes where the max power is 10 hp.  I use 6 hp on the Porta-Bote which gets her around and a gratifying clip.  The new deck came from the factory this last week.  I wanted ever so bad to install it and try it out.  But I ran out of supplies for sheathing the transom boards.  Well, it's all here now and I only have one day off between my weeks.  So I guess my fantasies alone will have to do.  The new casting deck includes a swivel chair--up high, an anchor fitting, a trolling motor mount, two rod holders and a boarding ladder for scuba and snorkeling.  It really looks very cool!
Supplies for sheathing just came in today from Duckworks.  I got 30 yards of 54 inch 6 oz E-glass and 50 yards of 6 inch bi-axial tape for sheathing the edges.  Bi-axial is supposed to mold to corners more readily.  So I anticipate a nice job on the outside transom.  I will have pictures of all these efforts as soon as I get a stretch off to get some work done.
I am quite excited to report that I found a wonderful source for marine grade plywood.  It is Suwanee Lumber Company over in, where else, Suwanee.  It is high quality fir.  Yes I would rather use one of the African mahoganies.  But at nearly double the price of fir plus exorbitant shipping, using the good stuff for my projects which are mostly down and dirty jobs just doesn't compute.  I can still have the waterproof glue and A/B finish but not the high price and a finish I would leave natural.  Nothing wrong with paint you see.  I have a couple of new building projects coming up next year. But if I describe them now, you all will think I lost my mind.  So, more on that later.
Belle needs a final water trial as soon as possible so I can take her of my list to do.  Then I'm going to plug away at getting Tridarka and Embers Watch up to par.
Darn if the tensioning belt on the lawn mower didn't go out just in the peak grass growing season--with all this rain.  The mower is over 20 years old so no parts available.  I am going to try to cobble something together and keep it going another year.  Meanwhile, the grass grows.
More later after this work spell.