Monday, March 26, 2012

Finishing the leak repair

Karen sanding the bottom for final coat of antifouling paint.

There's no getting around hard, sweaty work getting the heavy centerboard up into place.
In place.  Ready to drive the pin.

Kevlar patch to hold the pin in place.  Some SeaPearl 28's have lost the board due to pin shifting out of the pivot hole.  This will not happen to me!

At long last the centerboard seal is in place.  I expect no more leaking from the trunk!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Visit to a Fellow Boatbuilders Yard

Bill Moffitt is an inveterate builder of boats designed by Jim Michalak. His sons have definitely followed in their father's footsteps.  I chanced upon an article in Duckworks Magazine
written by Sean Moffitt. It was definitely time for another visit to the Moffitt boat yard.
Today is a beautiful day, so I am naturally psyched. Spring is almost 'sprung,' and it is the time of year when all boat builders want to go out and do something to move their projects forward. The father/son building team is definitely on the move!
Featured in this picture is Bill's new project, D'Arcy Bryn.  This boat was specifically designed for Bill by Jim Michalak.  It has the naturally beautiful curves that Jim designs into his boats.  D'Arcy is a little over 15 feet and promises to be the consummate beach cruising camper. 
This is Sean's new boat, a Toon2.  Sean plans to camp cruise the Outer Banks for the summer months.  Read Sean's article here.
Here is a picture of Bill and his son Paul sailing his previous building project Mike's Boat in the Texas 200 race.  She is a fast boat, indeed. Here she is about to pass a SeaPearl, no slouch in the sailing department for sure. 

The cockpit detail on Sean's Toon 2.  Follow Bill and Sean's boat building activities on Bill Moffitt's Blog here.
Read about the OBX 130 that Paul Moffitt organizes each year here.  It is a raid style 130 mile race held in the Outer Banks region starting at Cedar Island.