Monday, December 15, 2014

Ready to sail at Cedar Key

Just finished the tonneau cover with snaps.  Not an easy layout.  The batten had to be shorten making the port side sag ever so little.  Not perfect but respectable. 

Motor mount was cut from an old SeaPearl rudder on my bandsaw.  After soda blasting and wire brushing, I applied Matrix System MX-550 etching solution with the gun.  After two coats had dried, I primed it with Awlgrip 545 primer and then finished it with a so called appliance epoxy spray can finish.  Looks pretty good to me.
The new long shaft Honda BF 2.3 came from Cumberland Water Sports at a very attractive price including free shipping overnight. 

Mounting the freshly cleaned and stitched full battened sails from Sailcare.  These sails are absolutely beautiful.  Makes the boat all the better buy!

We have our reservation at Cedar Key Sunset RV campground space 41 for April 27-May 4.  Looking forward to sailing

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Projects for the SeaPearl 21 and Shallow-Minded

Painting in the winter is a slow process.   These are the floor boards for the SP 21.  What, no teak and holly, you ask?  Yep, they would cost $360 dollars for the three boards.  I just can't see it!  I am using five-eights marine ply.  Once you go away from teak, you are stuck with needing an anti-skid compound.  Why not just paint them white, I reasoned?  Why not indeed.   I'm using regular Zinzer indoor-outdoor primer and my favorite Benjamin Moore Super Spec polyurethane/alkoid mixed by the good folks at the Benjamin Moore store per the formula for Insignia White from the color chart of Awlgrip.  I used 6 ounces of Intergrip for a quart of paint.  I'll probably add another coat on top. The larger item is the nose door for Shallow-Minded
My Buddy Heater keeping the shop warm and cozy for paint drying.  I used the adapter from my Colman grill to us propane out of the bottle.  I'd apologize for the messy shop bench but it seems to be perennial so I won't even bother-:)
Merry Christmas ya'll