Thursday, September 18, 2014

Belle is Sold

Belle is sold.  Thanks for all the interest.  I'll sorely miss her.
So next month follow my efforts at getting Shallow-Minded ready for launch.
You can follow my efforts on:
Shallow Sailing, my new blog.
Say goodbye to Belle, my floating dream camp cruising home.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Belle is for sale

The SeaPearl 28 is a Cat-Ketch with carbon fiber un-stayed masts and full batten sails.  I think she sails well.  The sails have a very good sail shape (and are actually almost new).  The sail plan will take up to 20 knots without reefing due to the bendiness of the masts.   I have sailed in up to 30 knots so far and the handling is remarkable steady with finger tip control of the tiller due to the balanced sail plan. She has three reef points on both sails and reefing is jiffy style and rather easy. The boat goes into a hove too slide very easily with the mizzen cleated in.   Obviously pointing to windward is just a little shy of what you could expect from a sloop.  On all other points of sail she does very well doing much better down wind than a sloop could possibly do.  I have sailed her off-shore in 8 foot seas with 18-20 knots and she sails beautifully.  The route maintenance of the GPS mapping system  and autohelm 1000 autopilot leaves you free to enjoy or catch short naps while solo sailing.  She really handles very well single-handed which is something many boats cannot boast. 
The electrical system is very robust for a boat of this size.  The 3 stage smart charging system from Blue Seas extracts well over 12 amps from the two 85 watt solar panels.  The 3 group 27 batteries provide well over 300 amps of charge.  The two house batteries are Lifelines.  The third which is used additionally for starting is a West Marine group 27.  All lighting is LED so there is low draw. Two turbo fans cool the spacious vee-birth.  A porta potty rests in a locker below the vee-berth
She has a sliding galley that recedes under the bridge deck to allow use of the settee on the starboard side.  The galley has pressurized water to the sink and a two burner alcohol Origo stove.  She has three fire extinguishers mounted, two in the cabin and one near the motor well.  The VHF is a West Marine with the international channels and DSC which takes its NMEA signal from the GPS.  Another NMEA channel feeds up to date location data to the EPiRB. 
The stereo is four speaker/channel.  It includes XM radio and a Bluetooth feed which I have used to play music from my Iphone.
The topsides have been repainted with Algrip.  The deck has been repainted and all the hardware and teak has been re-bedded. 
The trailer is a lifetime aluminum trailer by Rolls.  It has been rebuilt in 2012.  The braking system, e.g rotors and hydraulics was replaced and one of the axles was replaced because it was slightly bent. 
The motor is a robust Nissan 18 hp which allows her to easily cruse all day at well over 6 knots.  I just had her extensively worked on.  The impeller is new and the head gasket was replaced.  The motor is in fine running shape. I don't use ethanol gas at all so no carburetor problems!
I recently rebuilt the center-board trunk including a very robust gasket system, a new stainless cable for the uphaul.  I rebuilt the trunk cabinet to improve the appearance.  I rebuilt the Vee-berth book shelf to also improve the looks. 
For the anchoring system: it consist of two large anchors, on the left is a 27 lb plow on 20 feet of oversize chain and 180 feet of 1/2 inch nylon with feet markers.  On the right is a suitably large Danforth (not sure the size) with the same chain-rope setup.  The two anchors hang off a large teak bowsprit in anchor rollers on the ready.  The rope/chain passes through two large bronze hawse pipes with bronze caps.  t
She has an 1100 gph bilge pump and a Whale Gusher Titan hand pump. 
The Cockpit drains directly into the motor well. 
For canvas, she comes with sail covers, a Bimini (needs a little sewing), dodger, and a zip in canvas cabin (which I suspect you would appreciate up that way).  I have not used the cabin so it may require a little modification by a canvas maker to fit around the GPS and XM antennas I have mounted outside the coming.  I had planned to do that someday myself as I can do some canvas myself, but never got around to it.  Actually I just didn't need it in Florida:) By the way all the stainless steal snaps have been replace with new ones. 
All in all, this is a boat that is ready to go cruising now.  No fixing or updating necessary.  She is superbly outfitted for camp cruising.  She has no leaks, nothing need to be fixed.  She is easy to set up and take down. She is easy to trailer. 
Why am I selling?  I bought another project.  A bigger non-trailerable shallow draft live-aboard that is taking my money and time.  Every day I ask myself why I am selling.  It's just too much to handle Belle is one of 4 boats competing for my attention.  They are: Shallow-Minded, my AS-29 in North Carolina, Tridarka Raider my beach cruising 21 foot tri that I just finished upgrading and completely redecorating, A SeaPearl 21 that I am fixing up for easy in and out day-sailing (10 minute setup and ready to sail) and then there is Belle, the boat we are talking about.  Oh, did I mention the 17 foot Mike's Boat (Mchalak design) wooden boat I am restoring.  You see it is for my sanity that I am selling:)

Here are some pictures of Belle as to her features and interior details.
Belle's trailer. Note the dual anchors on the bowsprit.

Belle's backside featuring her beautiful paint job.

Another view of bowsprit and pulpit showing bronze hause pipes.
Dorade scoups for flow-trough ventilation.
Folding mast detail.

85 watt solar panel in the lowered position identical to port side.

Rear of cockpit showing cockpit lockers where two 12 gallon gas tanks will fit.  Also the stern lockers and motor well.

 Cabin with settee and vee berth.  Note removable table.
 Sliding galley showing sink and faucet with pressurized water.  There is a 2 burner Origo alcohol stove under the cutting board.  Storage is underneath.  Water tankage is a total of 40 gallons in poly tanks selectable with a diverter.

Looking back toward the companionway.
Garmin GPS mapping and sounder 198C on a swing arm for easy cockpit viewing or viewing from inside when swung in.

EPIRB wired for GPS update.  Also twin turbo low current fans cool the vee berth.
Motor well in the center.  Lazarette access on both 

Cockpit open lockers will hold 12 gallon fuel tanks each side.  
VHF by West Marine with wired DSC.  Also 4 channel stereo with XM radio and Bluetooth to feed your favorite songs from your smart phone.

Port side Turbo fan with LED light fixture for reading.
Dual axle torsion bar suspension on the all aluminum Rolls trailer with surge brakes recently rebuilt.
All lights on the boat and trailer are LED.
I will soon be signing with a broker so talk to me now if you are interested for the best deal.