Sunday, March 2, 2014

Repainting AMA

It finally warmed up a little here in the Metro Atlanta area.  Last check it was 62 deg F heading toward 71 degrees for today's high.  Taking this opportunity to catch up on the refinishing of the port AMA is something I can't pass up. 
This is my first experience shooting Interlux PreKote.  I usually use Primekote, a two part primer.   I had just thrown away a little under a half gallon due to consolidation in the can.  I couldn't bear to spend that kind of money again for such a minor job so I chanced it. 

I've been hearing in the various blogs and columns that any thickness in the coat takes a very long time to dry to to "solvent entrapment."  Therefore I was might stingy with the buildup. I thinned it about 5 percent and shot it with a lower gun pressure taking care to "keep it moving."
Well, I think it turned out pretty well.  My sense is that this stuff is going to need a good week to dry adequately for sanding in this weather.  By courtesy of the weather gods I will definitely not be shooting again for at least a week.  Note to self Patience, PATIENCE !  
 Meanwhile, I finished the rigging on Tridarka at least as much as I can without the other AMA.  The stays connect to the AMAs when they are in the out and locked position.  So that has to wait.  She's looking pretty good if I do say so.
I added this V bow support.  Got the parts from Trailer Parts Superstore.  Works out very nicely!

It's a beautiful day out.  I think I will go and climb Stone Mountain.  Until next time.