Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adding lights to the shop

I pulled Belle out of the shop briefly to finish the lights. They are 300 watt barn lights suspended and they work very well indeed.  Getting them installed was no small effort considering the mounts are at 14 feet in the air.

That's why I got this 12 foot fiberglass step ladder.  I need to be able to work on the electric lift and trolley as well as the lights so hence the investment.  It's a cinch with a good tall ladder!
Yep, she's all taped up. Now for the drape around and we're ready to paint.

 All swaddled and ready to paint.
 Lights really add a lot to the workability of the shop.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Prepping Belle to be sold

A lot of sanding going on around here.  Fill and sand, fill and sand.  Hope to be ready to paint by next week.  Of course the masking and draping will take a day or two.  Will it ever end?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tridarka is ready to travel

She's all gussied up and ready for the road.  Yes, I have a firm offer and commitment subject to payment for delivery to a fine gentleman in south Florida.  Not counting my chickens before they are hatched but he wants it and I want him to have it.  He sounds like the perfect new owner for a fine beach cruiser. 

Meanwhile, Belle is getting the once over.  We have removed every piece of deck hardware and teak that we can in preparation for painting the deck.  Believe me there are dozens of hours of work here.  Retirement?  Ha:)

The reason for all this is:  Belle will be for sale as well.  I hope to have her on the market this fall. 
And why, you may ask?  Well, we somewhat bashfully admit to a course correction in the adventure plans.  As soon as Belle is gone we will archive this site and will be moving to a new site were we will describe the restoration and adventures of Shallow Minded, our new to us Bolger AS-29 live aboard cruiser.  Over in Hampstead, North Carolina she patiently waits for the refitting to continue.

She lies on the hard at the Mark Lewis Crew Boats yard. As soon as she is finished with refitting (bottom paint, new motor, interior cleanup) I hope to take an extended trip in the outer banks. 
She has a remarkable amount of storage and general living area with full standing headroom in the galley and a full size siting and dining area.  The aft cabin boasts a full size bed and chart table and forward is a nice large head area with a composting Airhead toilet.  There is also a shower area.  At 4 tons she is no light weight.  But at 13 inches draft she lives up to her name.
Here is the link to the new site which is under construction.  Wish us luck as we think inside "the box."