Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung?

It's time to get the motors running again.  Today the temperature is in the sixties.  The sky is partly cloudy but there is a feel of early spring in the air. For two weeks now I have been thinking about those motors down in the basement.  I need to pour all the gas out and run them with fresh gas.  Also the plugs, oil and gear oil need to be checked.  This ethanol polluted gas just doesn't last very well.  Here's what I do to counter that.  Every three months I run the engines with fresh gas. The gas is treated with Startron enzyme fuel treatment by Starbrite.  The tanks are left full so no damp air gets in to foul the gas.  Alcohol is hydro-phyllic so keep 'em full and shut.  At the end I dump the tanks and use the fuel in the lawnmower. With new fuel on board I run each motor in the tank for at least one-half hour.  I check the oil and change it if necessary.  I grease the Zerk fittings.  The engine screw clamps were very tight and hard to turn.  I treated them with penetrating cleaner and then applied grease liberally.  In the Honda BF2A 2 hp motor I found the spark plug loose.  The color of the plug was suspect so I replaced it, gaping the new plug to ensure a proper spark gap. 

The little Tohatsu 2hp is a two cycle with no transmission.  The carburetor is very simple and it always runs no matter what.  I have to take the prop off so the motor won't throw water out of the tank.
The Honda runs like a champ.  I got this motor with Tridarka.  It is a fine and nearly new motor which should give me years of service

It was time for an oil change on the Honda.  No sweat.

No problem, I used Castrol 10W30 synthetic. 
 The final motor was the Nissan 18 which is currently mounted on the back of the Boston Whaler.  This motor serves as the auxiliary for Belle.  I keep it here so I can run it every three months. 

Now all the boat motors are dun and put away downstairs.
The rest of the motors included the 1KW generator, the chainsaw, two weed eaters, a backpack blower and finally Steve's truck. 
Another sign of progress is the centerboard for Belle which is ready to install.  A couple of good days and I will have the bottom sanded and painted with anti fouling.  Then we can install the centerboard. 
Belle's trailer needs to have a brake job and have the bearings re-packed.  New Horizon's on Bankhead hwy will do it for me. The tab should be under $400.  Then we can get the Belle back on the trailer and do sea trials on Lake Lanier.