Sunday, October 21, 2012

We took the weekend off to pick up our new RV. We are staying in Dunedin Carefree Resort.
Our friend Dan from whom we bought the RV and car helped us set up for the first time.

We also bought his Chevy Cobalt as a tow vehicle. Both are in excellent shape with low millage.
It's nice to have an economical care to run around in when we arrive at our destination.  With apologies, we will be back on message with construction and boat projects next week.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It is a gray day on the lake.  The wind cuts through our thin clothes sending chills through our bones.  Never-the-less we are in good spirits.  This is to be our final sea trials--we hope.
The good news: in the just barely down position, which usually nets the larges leak we have a bare seep , not even a trickle working its way through the rubber gasket material, We feel that this is good enough, as good as we can hope for.  We'll crank down a little harder on the lag bolts and hopefully even that will cease.  Actually, I never run with the board in the partially deployed position so I should really never have a leak.
Karen approves.

After we put the boat away it's back to scaffolding building.  We will have this shop dried in by this next weekend! All the studs have to be replaced and windows have to be framed in.  This is really turning into a big job.

So there it is, the siding job so far.
We heading for Florida October 20 to pick up the RV.  Things are looking up!