Monday, April 30, 2012

We finally made it to Cedar Key. After a year of waiting and so many tasks, and setbacks we are settled in at Sunset Isle RV and Motel.  This is truly the nicest site we have ever camped so far.
The trip was interrupted with a blowout on the trailer.  A fair amount of damage was done to the under side of the area under the fridge.  Daylight is visible from the explosive ripping effect of the radial tire failure.  Never-the-less we had the tire changed in five minutes flat and were on our way.
The most embarrassing moment was when we went to check in.  Oh the shame!  We are scheduled to check in tomorrow.  Well we got put in a nice little site and were settled in without a great deal of effort.  Pussifer (our cat), on the other hand was completely shaken by the trauma of riding in the trailer and promptly ran away giving us a fright for the whole day.  He's still fairly skittish about all the changes in his life.  We hope he will settle down and let us have some decent sleep at night!!
I won't bore the none-hams with the details be we now have a full fledged portable station assembled and have talked to several of our club friends in the Atlanta area and a 9y4 station in Trinidad.
 Here is the station inside.

We got Tridarka into the water after receiving a thorough cussing out at the ramp for tying it up too long (5 min).  Sail-boaters are hated instinctively by fisherman and motor boaters in general. After a short but satisfying sail, we mooched a spot off the beach at Island Place condos to anchor.  On the street we parked the trailer on there grass--everyone does it on Boat Meet weekend.  Not like we haven't spent a small fortune over the years with the folks at IP!
Tomorrow we will get the Porta-bote set up and keep Tridarka at anchor at Atesena Otie island just across from the town dock.  We'll use the Porta-Bote to dinghy across to Tridarka and store it on the beach while we sail.
Tonight we had the best grilled teriyaki chicken and a baked potatoes.  Yum, if I do say so myself.  And to top it off, a perfect Cedar Key sunset.

And now a nice movie on our HD TV.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Visit a Friend's Boat Shop

Bernard Spenle is an avid small boat builder.  His current boat, Cram (a Ian Oughtred design) is well known at the Cedar Key Boat Meet each year. Have a look at it on this page.
Here, Bernard stands by his John Welsford Navigator design. 

You have to love these lines!  Bernard is displaying his usual wooden boat building craftmanship.  He has a ways to go for sure.  But I suspect we will see this boat in its final exquisite beauty next year at Cedar Key.  I offered to help build a trailer for her since I know a source for cheap trailer frames.