Monday, February 24, 2014

Tridarka takes shape

I'm starting in earnest to get Tridarka ready for Cedar Key in May.  The new steering mechanism and tiller is installed and fully functional.

She looks a world better in her shiny new paint job and detailing.
I love the new decks with the inboard jib track sheeting.  The AMA's will be installed after I repaint the inboard aspect of the starboard AMA which needed a redo.  Weather permitting, I will have this done before we leave.  If not I will go ahead and use it as is.  You can't really see it all that well unless up close.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Home for Wayward Boats

We finally have a boat shed. It was put up last week after the winter weather event.  The concrete pouring alone was a large undertaking given the need for a new driveway and the site preparation.  All in all we poured 48 plus yards of concrete over 3000 square feet.  The pad is 850 square feet with shed dimensions measuring 18x40 feet with 12 feet of overhead clearance.  The guys did a great job!.  Next we are going to have the sides brought down to the ground with four acrylic light panels on the next run.
Having an acreage of flour space like this is a dream come true.  And having it sheltered is even better.  I plan on running electricity with lights and outlets as well as an air outlet for my painting needs.
In the foreground, which is really the back of the shed, you will see the Embers Watch project boat I obtained from Bill Moffitt.  He passed her on since he is building a new boat.  She is unsheathed so needs a lot of finish prep and a new paint job.  A mizzen mast and a set of sails will round out this fine 17 foot lugsail Jim Michalack design.  You can read about the building of Ember's Watch and her debut performance in the Texas 200 here.
Video of Bill sailing Ember's Watch in Texas 200. I'll be updating as the shop and projects move forward.  
By the way, Steve, Ginny and George of Small Craft Adviser notoriety are here on the way back to South America. I grabbed this picture at the base of Stone Mountain after our climb to the top. Steve has been helping me around the boat yard to move boats and re-assemble the canvass shelter down on the other lot.  His efforts have greatly been appreciated.

Soon they will fly south to continue their well  reported trip on the rivers of Brazil now cruising the Araguaia River.  They will travel the one thousand nautical miles from Goiania to Belem where Ginny and George will fly back home according to plan.
Steve plans to sail Thurston, their trusty and highly modified SeaPearl 21 back to the US where I will pick him up with their trailer. 
Our visit has been a rare treat. We will miss them sorely and wish them safe passage!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Motor repaired. Longing for spring!

The Nissan 18 that conked out on me down in Charlotte Harbor is fixed.  I had my suspicions as to what was wrong.  With on cylinder showing only 60 lbs compression, I reasoned that it had to be either a blown head gasket, sticking rings or a stuck valve.  Well how about two out of three.  Apparently a small hole in the head gasket was letting water into the rear cylinder.  As time went on, the rings got sticky and started to loose compression.  So after soaking the cylinders with a solvent, then replacing the head gasket, all is well.  Who would have thought?

Here's a little reminder of the good sailing life.  Next stop, Cedar key for two weeks in the RV with a roll out of the new Tridarka Raider.  Can't wait!

   Belle sailing Charlotte Harbor.

By the way, big changes around the boat yard.  Next installment will feature our new facilities.  We are very excited!